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Eating healthy or at least healthier – we all want that. In his new book "Essen ändert alles" (Food changes everything), Holger Stromberg reveals how this can also work better in everyday life. In it, the cook of the 2014 World Cup soccer champions summarizes nutritional knowledge, provides background information and offers new food for thought. Inspiration guaranteed!

From 1 November to 31 December 2020, we are enclosing the book „Essen ändert alles“ by Holger Stromberg with every delivery* free of charge.

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What should I eat to stay healthy and what should I pay attention to? And which food is also good for our planet? In „Essen ändert alles“ Holger Stromberg provides contemporary nutritional know-how and – together with experts – gives exciting insights into different areas such as micronutrients, intestines, fasting or stress. And because „no time“ is not an excuse for him, he has developed „Meal Prep“, a method with which healthy cooking works quickly and effectively. „Essen ändert alles“ is a basic book for beginners and connoisseurs – nutrition plan for 7 days and 35 recipes included.

Also included: an interview with Gerd Truntschka. He talks about the genesis and success story of LaVita and explains why LaVita enjoys such a high reputation in professional circles and in science.

Healthy eating is today a living personal responsibility, says Holger Stromberg. But that was not always the case.

Listening to his body and supporting his health with the right nutrition was not the focus of his attention for a long time. So he ignored frequent infections, allergies or back pain. Only when his body started sending him more and more signals did he change his diet and notice amazing things. What he learned from this time, what his nutritional concept looks like today and what each of us can do for our health with nutrition, the exceptional chef explains in his very special nutrition guide. Because: Food changes everything!

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