The micronutrient concentrate for all of us. For holistic basic support and optimisation of our diet.

With LaVita, we can holistically optimise our daily supply of micronutrients (vitamins and trace elements). Thanks to its unique formula, LaVita combines the best properties of over 70 natural ingredients and all the important micronutrients in one product.


Holistic composition of micronutrients

With over 70 natural ingredients


Scientifically based dosage

The importance of micronutrients

Micronutrients are involved in almost all metabolic processes.

Providing the body's cells with a good supply of micronutrients (vitamins and trace elements) plays an important role in our health.* We need to ingest these regularly and in sufficient quantities through a healthy diet.

* With iron, vitamins C, A, D, B6 and B12, folic acid, copper, selenium and zinc, LaVita contains all the relevant micronutrients that support the normal function of the immune system.


We do not always get all the micronutrients we need

That is why we recommend optimising one's daily diet with micronutrients.

Healthy nutrition: from our ideals to reality

Many people find it difficult to eat optimally in everyday life – often due to lack of time.


70% of the energy consumed is empty carbohydrates that provide only a few micronutrients




Only 15% of women and 7% of men achieve the minimum recommendation of five servings of fruit and vegetables a day[1]


According to a survey by IfD Allensbach[2], 85% are dissatisfied with their diet

This can lead to an (increased) need for micronutrients

More than half of all Germans regularly take at least one medication[3]. This also includes taking painkillers, antiallergic drugs, the pill, etc.


Living conditions and eating habits: For example stress, physical and emotional strain, alcohol and nicotine.

We do not always get all the micronutrients we need

Experts also recommend supplementing with micronutrients.

Scientists from Harvard University recommend:[4] daily basic nutrition with unsaturated fats, whole grains, good proteins, nuts and seeds, as well as fruits and vegetables. In addition: daily supplementation with micronutrients.

Plant-based nutrient concentrate

The best of nature for the day.

LaVita is a composition of natural foods and all important vitamins and trace elements that are gently processed into a holistic micronutrient concentrate (see ).


Fruit & vegetables

More than 30 different fruits and vegetables - fully ripened

Fruit & vegetables

More than 30 different fruits and vegetables - fully ripened


More than 20 cold-pressed herbs – the true treasures of nature

Enzymes, amino acids, phytochemicals

Thanks to its unique composition, LaVita combines countless phytochemicals and enzymes together with all the important vitamins and trace elements in one product

High-quality vegetable oils

Vegetable oils, as well as aloe vera, provide additional vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3)

Sour-fermented juices, fibre

Also included are water-soluble fibre and sour-fermented juices, containing predominantly L-(+)-lactic acid


All the important vitamins and trace elements for the day, dosed according to the recommendations of orthomolecular medicine (Basis: Dietl/Ohlenschläger: Handbook of Orthomolecular Medicine)


The decisive difference

The holistic composition with all the important vitamins and trace elements.

Micronutrients work best hand in hand – they often need and complement one another.

In nature, they usually occur together with the phytochemicals. The LaVita concept is based on this.

All of this is in LaVita

Modern science, natural ingredients. And, above all, a lot of experience.

Over 70 natural foods

Organic vegetables (DE-OEKO-001), ripened fruit, herbs, selected vegetable oils and other high-quality foods form the natural basis for our micronutrient concentrate.

Natural and tested quality

LaVita contains no preservatives or other additives, no additional sugar or sweeteners, and is free from pesticides and heavy metals. LaVita is vegan, gluten and lactose free, and, of course, has no genetically modified organisms.

Ripe ingredients

The full ripeness of the ingredients in LaVita is important, as many ingredients are only formed during the final phase of the ripening process.

Scientific dosage

It is important to increase one's overall micronutrient level to avoid imbalances. The dosage of vitamins and trace elements in LaVita is based on the recommendations of othomolecular medicine[5]

Scientifically proven bioavailability

The vitamins and trace elements in LaVita are excellently utilised by the body and are proven to reach the cells[6]

Practical and convenient to use

A liquid and delicious product like LaVita can be easily integrated into everyday life. This means that LaVita is also suitable for children.

Internationally published study proves:

The vitamins and trace elements in LaVita reach the cells.

An internationally published study[6] has proven how consistent the composition and dosage of LaVita are: all measured substances, from vitamin A to zinc (with the exception of copper), increased significantly in the blood with daily use – for the most part, highly significantly. The scientists also confirmed that the numerous ingredients do actually arrive where they are needed: in the cells – that is, where life unfolds.

The many effects of LaVita

The comprehensive supply of our cells with all the important micronutrients and vital substances (vitamins and trace elements) explains the wide range of effects LaVita has on the various functions of our body:


LaVita is the intelligent solution for optimising our daily supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a practical and holistic way. We do everything to ensure your trust and satisfaction.

Gerd Truntschka, Founder & Managing Director of LaVita

Proven since 1999

We work with passion for one cause. For your health.

one product

We at LaVita concentrate exclusively on producing a micronutrient concentrate with the best possible composition and the best quality.

only direct

LaVita is only available directly from us. To ensure that you always receive LaVita completely fresh, we send it to you directly after you place your order, without any intermediate stops.

since 1999

LaVita has stood for reliability and quality from Bavaria for over 20 years. From development, to production, to shipping and competent advice.


LaVita experiences

One product. A wealth of stories.

Over the years, we have received more than 30,000 instances of enthusiastic feedback that clearly show the importance LaVita can have for many people.

LaVita gives me that good feeling that I am being completely provided for

Svenja Thoes, triathlete and age group winner of the 2016 Iron Man Hawaii

LaVita is a living product that has become an integral part of my diet.

Holger Stromberg, star chef and author

Without proper nutrition, it's impossible to do well in competitive sports. The intake of vitamins and minerals is very important. LaVita's daily allowance supports me here a lot. So, I have had very good experiences so far.

Kevin Volland, professional footballer

I am so enthusiastic, and can really only recommend LaVita – especially during pregnancy, and also because of the variety of natural ingredients!

Giulia K.

LaVita is part of our morning ritual and is highly sought after – even by our little ones, who insist on being able to have a sip of „Vita“ too. We are happy to have you, and happy that we can start the day feeling good.

Isabella D.

Micronutrient concentrate


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[1] Mensink et. al. 2013

[2] IfD Allensbach survey 2019

[3] Forsa survey from German Pharmacists Day 2015

[4] Skerrett PJ, Willett WC, Essentials of healthy eating: a guide. J Midwifery Health, 2010; 55(6): 492-501

[5] Basis: Dietl/Ohlenschläger: Handbuch der orthomolekularen Medizin ("Handbook of Orthomolecular Medicine")

[6] Neuroendocrinology Lett. 2015 Sep 12; 36(4): 337-347, headed by Prof. Mosgöller, University of Vienna


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